Short and sweet foreshadow.

So I told my little slut I would find some time to make an entry. Because of my extremely busy schedule over the last Millennium lol, I haven’t been able to find time.
So I will make one, albeit short it might turn into a thread of sorts…
We went on a trip. To San Diego. It was incredible. Some of the best food and sex was had while we were there and after we came back. We dropped much of the expectations and just enjoyed our time away together. If I could use a metaphor it was if we tore down what we thought we had and built something new. Same type of structure, but remodeled and revamped.
There is still much to work ahead and room for improvement on both our parts, but everything is looking up.
I will break down our journey day by day over the next couple weeks because I foresee much more free time ahead.
Lots of naughty sex stories of domination and kick to unfold. All in the name of fun and D/s.

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Putting the Pieces Together (Part 2)

So I left off with the transition of me becoming a Dominant, and some trouble percolating between the two of us involving a failed experiment of mind games. Click here to read Part 1

I don’t like referring to myself as a Dominant or a Master in first or the third person, but as you might notice, my websites title is “She calls me Sir.” Because as much as I don’t like to gloat, I still relish in the fact that I am that someone has relinquished control of their body over to me. She has willfully placed that power in my hands. It gives me a sense of pride and responsibility to take control. Not only with my pet, it also has been carrying over into my personal life. No, I don’t bark orders at coworkers or friends and punish them for not following my orders, but it gives me more confidence; in making decisions, not second guessing if I made the right decision, and telling people no, and problem solving. All of which are key attributes for a man (in my opinion).

As of right now, the relationship between my slut and I has become much more involved which is energizing. Just this week has yielded several fortunes. I have taken it upon myself to transform her body for both of our pleasures. She has leveled with me that she desperately wants to have a body her and I can be proud of and has requested that I help her(which is another great opportunity to tell her what to do for punishments and rewards). I designed a 4 week program to start her off, focusing on developing her ass. Her aspirations for a bumazing derriere please me. I have visions of her on all fours, while I grasp a handful of ass, wobble it “to and fro,” then mount her and as I begin to thrust, glorious waves of flesh unfold from the rhythmic collisions of my body against hers as she looks over her shoulder and tells me with her lustful eyes that “it’s all yours Master.”brianna-love-booty-shake

It will be the first physical training regimen that I have introduced to her in a multifaceted “slut training” program. I say physical training, because I have already started her on training to be able to suck swallow and deep-throat me like a porn star. She’s been training her deep-throat skills for a couple months and I am elated with the progress that has evolved from conditioning.¬†She might someday understand that the day you quit learning and stop improving is the day you die. She will mold into my perfect fuck toy with my direction. It’s just too bad that she doesn’t get to exercise on the real thing as often as we’d prefer due to the distance separating us.

Which leads me to the next chapter of adventures both of us will be sharing. Another fortune that has emerged to us is that she has been scheduled for a conference in “San infuckingcredible Diego”. I’ve always wanted to go, and I’m getting that opportunity! I get to spend almost 5 days with a very eager, horny, depraved sex slave. The naughty things that we will get into, hopefully in so many public places is making my pants bulge just thinking about it. And… as a teaser to what could be, we have plans to meet on Memorial day for a hike where I’m told are many secluded waterfalls and trail heads to defile her body, hidden by the natural beautiful partitions of nature. I will make it a point to show her who owns her body and especially her ass hole.

All in all, I am thankful and pleased with how this relationship is unfolding. I am excited to become a better version of myself, and a better Master to my pet slut.


Putting the Pieces Together (part 1)

Sorry for my absense….

I haven’t been in the right state of mind lately, and I haven’t felt like saying anything that could have been influenced by my altered mental state (haha, that makes me sound crazy!)

Anyways…. I feel like if I’m going to make a blog and do it the right way. I’ll need to start from the beginning and add some context to this story.

When I began this relationship with my now ‘slut pet’ it was just a casual encounter. Yes. We met on craigslist.

It was the first person I had ever met face to face from the internet. We had talked for months and months via email, and then through text. Flirtatious exchanges back and forth, playful teasing, leading into serious talks about sexuality, turn on’s, fantasies and lots and lots and LOTS of porn gifs. It wasn’t long until I discovered how much of a dirty freaky slut this girl wanted to be. She was looking for a man on the side to escape from her everyday life to get naughty slutty dirty with out any inhibitions. I wanted the same thing and somehow knew I had hit the jackpot.

The first night we actually met was extremely surreal. I couldn’t believe that we were actually going to meet after so long. When I showed up to her hotel room and stood outside of her door, I literally just stood there for almost a minute, not frightened, or unsure; it was more like I was taking it all in, and relishing in the moment, consciously making a memory. We had some drinks to loosen up to each other, went out for some conversation and then back to the hotel room to get down to what we had both been aching for months to happen. Unfortunately for her….(with a smirk on my face) she was experiencing what most every female is subjected to by mother nature every month. I was only mildly disappointed, for I knew how much of a freak she was and how she actually enjoyed and craved anal sex from our dirty conversations. We started with a blow job, and I succeeded in making her a sloppy mess before I asked if she was ready for some penetration. From that moment on I knew I was hooked. Her ass hole was a perfect fit for my cock, and she loved every second of me pounding her ass hole and using her like the true slut she has discovered she is, deep down inside.

Because she lives 3 hours away from me, and the only time we get to meet up is when she’s on a business trip, everything has such a unique twist in regards to how we stumbled into this new relationship style. It’s hard to remember exactly how it all started, but I know that it came out of my mouth during one of our encounters. something along the lines of “what do you thing about a D/s relationship?” She loved the idea, took off like a rocket and never looked back, which turned me on a different way then I was used to. I was stimulated by her urge to be owned and used by me and for my pleasure. I was so excited for my fantasy of a sex slave who ¬†willingly gave her body to me whenever I wanted finally coming true.

Neither of us had any experience. Both of us were still nervous around each other. All we knew was that we had a huge freak inside of ourselves that we needed to let out of the cage to fuck, suck, slap, tickle and bite as it pleased. Both of us did hours and hours of research to try and find our “natural roles” and to be honest, we’re both still exploring.

Fast forward to today and things are a bit more comfortable even with the long distance and lack of face time, but also still trying to figure each other out (hence our blogs). Our biggest strength has got to be our communication. Especially recently… The last time we got together was during her birthday. I have been holding too much feedback from her with my expectations of how I want her to act and behave as well as giving her credit for things that she is doing right. Not to mention neglecting her need for attention and affection. I was making her feel unwanted. Big mistake pal…

There were a series of events that unfolded in which I almost lost her, and how I regained control right before we slammed our metaphorical car into a big brick wall, catapulting us into our own separate darkness of the “afterlife” to our strange new obsession.

I will continue to update my blog (with some gentle nudging by my little pet) once a week. Decidedly Wednesdays. I’ll be back with part two next week. Ciao.


Digging for answers

I have been in a very new and unique place in my life. There’s so much going on all around me I don’t know where to start and what to focus on most of the time. My hope is to find a a spot, start digging and make a spot for myself to settle in and feel comfortable with everything that comes my way. I feel that what I’m saying makes sense in my head but probably most confusing for anyone else, even if they knew me.

Thinking back, much of this chaos started around the same time that we met. she wasn’t the cause of my mental unrest, and doesn’t have to blame herself for anything. I feel like telling her if you want to own something about it, you can take pride in the positive emotions and help that you’ve delivered my way.

It is strange at times reflecting on how we came to be in our relationship. If I met myself in the past and heard that I’d be in a D/s relationship with a married woman that lived 3 hours away. I’d laugh and probably say that it wasn’t possible. But it is! And it’s working! We both work hard at pleasing each other, and we’re constantly on each other’s minds trying to feed, nurture and develop this relationship that is still maturing and being defined. It certainly would be easier with more personal interactions, but this is a world where if you don’t adapt you don’t survive. And the only reason why this has survived is because of our will for it to do so. And why wouldn’t we. It’s fun, new, incredibly hot and suspenseful. Did I mention fun?
Ive been looking forward with anticipation for our next encounter. So many ideas have been sprouting in my head for scenes. Knots and positions to restrain her in. However; I’m still not sure what kind of emotions turn her on the most. her personality is much like mine where she doesn’t share something unless it needs to be said. I’d really like it if she found a way to tell me what kind of emotions trigger her.
Reading fantasy stories and blogs about other relationships have taught me that there are many of the same but also different variations of mental triggers and kinks that I want to explore with my pet slut. The more I know, the better I become. This blog may be a valuable tool to guide her into a perfect little slut 👌.
Busy busy days ahead of me, trying to stay focused and keeping my shovel moving. I will not lose. Even champions need adequate rest. Until next time.